Gym Buffet

A gym is defined as an establishment that has different equipment for sportsand exercise. It is where people who want to be fit usually meet and gather. Gym is also just like choosing the food you want to eat. There are different foods that can be eaten, but you always pick out the best that fits your taste. There are different gym programs that you can enroll on. There are those that can tone

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Health is Wealth

Have you observed people that are physically active? Like those athletes or gym goers? Aren’t they so relaxed as if they are stress free? Well, that is only one of the benefits of being fit and healthy. Another good thing about this is that it reduces the risk of having injuries because it strengthens the muscles and the bones. When it comes to cardiovascular health, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Even

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How Much Calories Are You Burning?

Have you ever wondered during your training, if those sweaty workouts really burnt all your calories? I mean, have you ever thought of the idea of how much you are actually burning off? You might be surprised when you find out that those sweaty shirts and sweaty sauna suits have only burnt around a quarter pound of your calorie intake, right? And that will make you conclude on why you are not losing the weight

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How To Get Those Curves

It is every girls dream to get one of those Beyoncé like curves, those Barbie looking figures. And it always gets the confusion of getting your stomach flat is getting your body curved. Those two things are different, building up those curves have its specific exercises. So here are the tips on how you would obtain those sexy curves:
Classic Squats: to do thisStand up straight, feet hip-width apart and your arms directly in front of

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Gaining Weight Goals

We hear people saying they want to lose weight and that they are already over the weight and such; but little do we know that there are also people out there who are in struggle gaining weight. Binging on soft drinks and junk food may help you gain weight, however it would put your health at risk at the same time. If you are underweight, then you want to gain a balanced amount of muscle

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